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Orthodontic Treatment Options for Toronto Patients

There are various orthodontic treatment options available to achieve straighter teeth and a healthier looking smile. If you’re a candidate for braces, Dr. Raffi Aynaciyan will recommend the right option for your particular needs. We’ll carefully consider your age, lifestyle, personal preference, and of course, cost to select the treatment option that suits you best. You’ll be on the road to achieving the smile you’ve always wanted and the confidence that goes with it.

Types of Braces for Orthodontic Patients in Toronto

Metal Braces

Conventional stainless steel braces are still widely used today. They are also referred to as metal braces. The difference with today’s metal braces is their brackets are smaller than, and therefore not as noticeable as they were a couple of decades ago. They are also the least expensive option.

Ceramic (Clear braces)

Ceramic braces are equivalent to metal braces in size; expect they are the colour of teeth which makes them appear invisible. A less noticeable wire is also generally used to further enhance the invisible look. Ceramic braces are more expensive than metal braces, and for many people it’s a small price to pay for their clear advantage!

Clear Removable Aligners

Clear removable aligners such as Invisalign®, Smart Moves, and Clear Correct are commonly used for cases that are mild in severity. They are designed for adults and teens, and are worn as a mouth guard would be worn. They can be replaced for a new pair as advised by your orthodontist, which is common protocol. Patients can also eat and drink while wearing their aligners, and they can be removed easily for special occasions. Removable aligners move teeth more gradually than braces do.

Functional Appliances

For patients who require dentofacial treatment due to malocclusion (a misalignment in bite or unfavourable dental arches), functional appliances is our treatment of choice. Dr. Raffi Aynaciyan will spend time with you to explain how functional appliances work, and answer any questions you may have so that you can feel comfortable with you treatment action plan, whether it involves functional appliances, or braces as described above.

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