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Toronto Orthodontist Dr. Raffi Aynaciyan on the Importance of Retainers

Wearing Retainers, the Responsibility Is Yours

The fact is that you are the person in charge of keeping your teeth straight after orthodontic treatment. You do this by wearing your retainers. Retainers are used for two reasons: first, to allow bone to rebuild after your teeth have moved, and second, to keep individual teeth from drifting. Since the bone around your teeth is continually changing (breaking down and rebuilding), your teeth may shift after your braces are removed. By wearing your retainers, your teeth are more likely to remain where we have placed them. In other words, retainers preserve and stabilize the results achieved through your orthodontic treatment.

There’s a Retainer That’s Just Right for You

There are many types and designs of both upper and lower retainers which come removable or temporarily bonded. We will prescribe custom retainers that are best for you. But retainers can only do their job if you do yours, so wear your retainers as instructed, and you can be sure you’ll have a beautiful smile to last a lifetime.

Here are some important facts to remember about retention:

  • Keeping your teeth straight is now your responsibility
  • Do not be alarmed if small changes occur
  • Wearing your retainer long-term as prescribed by your orthodontist is the best way to preserve the healthy, beautiful smile created by your orthodontic treatment
  • Contact your orthodontist any time you need advice or have concerns
  • See your family dentist regularly

Visit our frequently asked questions page for answers to common retainer questions.

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